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The Ales


Brenin Enlli

This is a classic hoppy bitter, with a copper body and a good head on it. 4% ABV.

The name derives from Ynys Enlli – Bardsey, at the western tip of Llyn [Brenin Enlli = Bardsey King]. A hundred years ago, there was a 200-strong community of fishermen and crofters on the island and as is customary on many islands, they elected their own ‘king’. The last king was Love Pritchard, here seen wearing the crown of the island.



A refreshing golden beer, with a continental character and delicious flavours. 4.2% ABV.

Seithenyn was the keeper of the sluice gates in the fertile netherlands of Cantre’r Gwaelod between Llyn and Ceredigion. He was also a drunkard and got very merry at the king’s daughter’s wedding one day. He neglected the sea-defences, a storm came in from the west and Cantre’r Gwaelod was drowned, creating Bae Ceredigion.



A Legendary Ruby Ale. 4.5% ABV.

There is a skull and crossbones image on a gravestone in Edern, Llŷn. Many caves bear the names of local pirates across the headland and the islands of St Tudwal, and Bardsey in particular, were buccaneers’ nests. Henry Morgan himself stayed at Tŷ Mawr, Abersoch on route from his Caribbeean adventures.

Black Bart from Pembrokeshire was the first to fly the ‘official’ pirate flag. Previously they flew a red flag, and because he always wore smart clothes and a red jacket, the French nick-name for Bart was ‘le jolie rouge’ – the ‘Pretty Red One’ [hence ‘Jolly Roger’].


Y Brawd Houdini

A summer ale, citric and flowery. 4% ABV

Meic Stevens, the troubadour from Solfach in Pembrokeshire, composed a summery and popular song called ‘Y Brawd Houdini’. The sun is shining through its verses – ‘how about a bottle of ale?’!

Meic has held numerous gigs and attended many festivals in Llŷn, and is an evergreen favourite with all generations. The western seas can always be heard in the distance in his wonderful collection of songs. He lived in Llithfaen for a while, and many of his band come from this area.

This is our tribute to Meic the magician – now 70 years old. ‘Iechyd da, Meic’ – many thanks, and rock on.

Cwrw Glyndŵr

Smooth Golden Ale; 4% ABV

Glyndŵr is the great Welsh hero – his dream of freedom laid the foundations of a modern Wales. Raise a glass to him with this legendary golden ale! Raise a glass to him with this legendary golden ale!

Porth Neigwl

IPA, light and tasty. 4.2% ABV

This was brewed especially for the Bronze Age Beer festival in 2014.

It is a light, tasty beer – gorse flowers are used as well as hops in the brewing process to celebrate a 3,500 brewing trough that was found beneath the sand and clay on Porth Neigwl beach.

Seasonal Ales